Here’s How To Get Customers Using The Internet

Not so long ago when people wanted to find service providers or something to buy they would use the phone directory (the yellow one) or the local newspaper.

Today things are a little different. When someone wants to find a product or service provider they usually turn to Google or similar search engines like Yahoo. And if you’re not there you’ll never get the business.

It’s just the way customers do things nowadays. In many cases traditional advertising has lost its effectiveness because everyone has been conditioned to use the Internet to find information.

So how do you get these potential customers to buy from you and not your competitors?

It’s a three-step process and if you keep it simple it’s fairly easy to do.

The first step is to advertise on search engines like Google. So for instance if someone is looking for your service you get your ads to appear for the search term they typed in and if your ad is appealing they will click on your ad.

The second step is once they have clicked on your ad they will then be shown a page of your website that gives them the information they are looking for. Ideally the information you give them is compelling and your website sells them into taking action like contacting or buying from you.

And the third step is a strong sales and follow up system in place to get the business.

There’s nothing mystical about using the Internet to get business. It’s just applying solid, basic marketing principles using modern technology.

So lets look at how you advertise your business online.

The quickest and easiest way is to buy ad space on Google.

Why Google?

Because most people turn to Google when they want information, the conversion rates using Google are good, the Google system lets you target your ideal customers exactly and you only pay when someone clicks your ad.

Here’s how to place ads on Google or for the more technically gifted – launch a Pay-Per-Click or PPC campaign.    

  • Keyword research & targeting —keywords are the words people type into search engines like Google when they want information. Essentially keywords are like lottery tickets because when you match the right keyword to the right offer it can be like winning the lottery. You should find as many keywords as you need to ensure you have a profitable campaign delivering you a constant stream of customers to your door (your online door).
  • Ad copy writing — this is critical. Your ads have to do two things. The first is to appeal to the customer using a combination of emotion, appeal and promise to pre sell your product or service. And secondly you have to get the potential customer to click your ad. Getting the person to click your ad is actually important because the more clicks you get the cheaper your ad is to run.  Maximising your key words and using all the tricks of successful copy writing designed to get genuine buyers to “click” your ad will determine the success of your campaign.
  • Split testing of ads — some ads will always be more successful than other that’s why you need to have at least two ads running to find a winner. This is called split testing. It’s not uncommon when you get a winning to find a combination of words that appeals to your customer you’ll easily double or triple your results or even more.
  • Conversion tracking — You’ll boost your conversion rate by measuring the effectiveness of online activity including: understanding which ads do the most work in ‘referring’ buyers to your website, which ads get the most sales or which ads get people signing-up for a newsletter etc.
  • Account optimisation — you need to ensure your account is geared for optimal performance—from structuring your account to editing keywords and targeted ad text. **The coolest part is, Google rewards good advertisers by offering them cheaper ad costs. Get this right and you’ll drive your ad cost down while driving your response rates up.
  • High Conversion Website pages — there’s no point spending money to get people to your website if they don’t know what to do when they get there. You need a sales strategy for your website, a compelling offer and clear call-to-action to get potential customers to contact you and not your competitors.

Start Getting Customers From The Internet Today

  • Some business owners try to do this themselves but it’s a bit like cutting your own hair. Sure you can do it, but you know a hairdresser will do a much better job.
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