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It’s true. Your potential customers are looking for your product or service and in most cases they can’t find you.

Let’s say that you’re a Plumber in Happytown and someone in Happytown needs your services. What usually happens is they will go to Google or one of the search engines and type in “Plumber”. When they get the results they’ll see millions of listings for “Plumbers” but more often than not they will search again to find something more specific (local).

Statistics show that more than half of these people will then type in “Plumber” as well as “Happytown” to find someone local.  

That’s why local searches are so profitable for your business. When you get your website listed in the directories that count and the search engines maps you will get more people to your website. In fact according to a study by Comscore 82% of people who find your business through local search will either phone or walk into your business.

And what’s even better is that if you do this the right way you can actually get multiple listings across various search terms. Below is an example of multiple listings for the one business.

If you would like to get your website listed on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, the major directories and grab the attention of local customers for as little as $197 then fill in the form below and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

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