Company Profile

We love internet stuff. As a company, we are experts in Direct Response style Websites, copywriting  and Marketing. We specialize in driving traffic to your website and turning those visitors into paying customers. Our aim is to give our clients a “Wow” experience with the quality of our work, the results we’ll provide for you and our customer service.

The team at Direct Results Media have experience in doing what we do. You won’t find any 18 year old pimply faced cadets handling your project. In fact every decision maker and creative advisor at Direct Results Media team has either owned or managed a multi million dollar company. We understand accountability and results based marketing.

Here’s what you can expect from us: We’ll do everything possible to deliver on our promises. It’s much easier (and much more fun) to have happy clients so we’ll work like crazy to make you happy. We know our stuff and we’ll only make recommendations to you based on what works and proven results.

Occassionaly we screw up but we’ll do everything to fix it pronto! Let’s see anyone admit to that!

Here’s what we expect from you: Understand that when we take on a new client we need to understand your business, your goals and expectations. That means we’ll ask a few questions to find out what we need to do to get you the results you want. And if you love us, and you have a warm loving heart then maybe you can refer us to other people