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It’s All About…..THEM

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Imagine being all excited about going on a first date. You have new clothes and maybe new shoes. You spend more time than usual grooming yourself because you want to make a big first impression.

You arrive at the bar or restaurant five minutes early. You order a drink as you look around and survey the room. All the while doing your very best to look cool and relaxed even though you’re secretly nervous inside.

And out of the corner of your eye you see them. You don’t want to look directly at them because that wouldn’t be cool but at the last moment you turn your head and “notice” them.

“Hi, wow you look beautiful” as you sneak a little kiss.

The expectations are high. Your date is attractive and you know that you’re not the only person in the room looking at them. You know this is going to be a good night.

You attract the waiter’s attention and order them a drink.

“How was your day?” you ask…

“My day was great,” they say.

They continue, “If fact it was the best day ever”.

You’re excited to see the look in their eyes as they share their experiences.

“I went for a run this morning”. “I took my dog, did I tell you I have a dog”?

“After my run I had my hair cut and then I met a friend for breakfast”

The waiter returns with your drinks…

They continue.

“Well my friend who I met for breakfast is the best accountant in the entire world and they are so rich…wouldn’t we all love to be rich”?

“Then after lunch I went to the shops and bought a few things and then I saw some more friends”.

As you sip your drink you start to wonder if you’ll ever get a word in.

They continue “blah, blah and more blah”.

The initial thoughts of excitement have turned into thoughts of “are they ever going to stop talking”?

It continues and pretty soon you feel like reaching across the table and slapping them around the head and telling them to shut up”!

You say to yourself “anything would be better than sitting here pretending to smile and listening to this person talk about themselves all night”.

Maybe you could stand up and leave or eat fast with the risk of vomiting.

Anything but this!

You know you can’t be rude and you sit there and sit there for what seems like an eternity. You know there won’t be any second date and you know you’ll never see them again.

Maybe you can relate because you have had an experience like this. And yet so many people wonder why they have dating problems.

Now you might be thinking to yourself why am I talking about dating when this is an online marketing website company?

I’m sure you know already!

Because it’s not about you, it’s about them and so many people miss the point when it comes to communicating either in person or online.  They just go on and on about how great they are instead of focussing on the other person.

For instance do you think if someone visits your website they want to know how great you are or are they looking for how you can help them with a problem or need?

Sure telling them your credentials will help seal the deal but you have to solve their problems first or at least demonstrate that you have the solution to their problems.

Recently we were asked to critique a website because it wasn’t giving a positive return or generating enough leads to be viable. All we did was change the headline to be more solutions focused and changed a few words of copy to be more benefit orientated and we saw an instant bump in sales.

Then we changed a few graphics on the site and added a response device and the site had a positive ROI.

All of the changes were focused on the reader, solving their problems and offering good free content to start the relationship building process.

Not rocket science, just common sense.

Anything to do with your online marketing should be based on the target reader, helping them find the information and solutions they require and building credibility and trust with your credentials.

Do this and you can’t go wrong…