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Online Marketing Strategy

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Online Marketing Strategy

To improve your online marketing strategies effectiveness, you should take into consideration the business environment you work with. There are two approaches in examining the business environment you operate in:

First, the Porter’s Five Forces Model

This approach is named after the creator Michael Porter. He was a strategy professor at Harvard Business School. The Porter’s Five Forces Model gives a formal and in depth industry analysis compared to just simply finding out new trends and general industry information. This analysis may help you to develop better online marketing strategies. According to this approach there are five forces that affect the happenings within the industry. There are the existing companies, potential new companies, alternative for products to be offered, suppliers and customers. These five forces when combined make up the business environment. You can realize better opportunities upon your marketing strategies by analyzing the structure of and the movement between these forces. In developing your online marketing strategies, you should identify the five forces:

Your Competitors: These are the sites that also provide same product, service or information as your site.

The Possible Competitor: These are the Website off-line competitors same as new companies that may enter the industry thru a Website.

Patrons: These are the visitors and probable visitors to your website and your entrant’s website.

Suppliers: These are the companies that will provide you with products and/or services offered on your site. It may also be a web-hosting, software and other suppliers that offer Web-enabling technology.

Alternatives: These are your other ways and resources for the same products, services or information as your website provides.

Applying these basic definitions of the five forces and by fully understanding and using Porter’s strategic methods, you can obtain a clearer view of the industry, giving you sounder and effective marketing strategies.

The second approach is the SWOT Analysis

This approach would help you identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, marketing Opportunities for the company and Threats to your business. One means of applying this analysis is to develop the marketing strategies that will lessen the effect of weaknesses on your company while taking the advantages of your strengths. Preferably, you will set off your strengths in contrast to market opportunities that result from your entrant’s weaknesses. It will be useful to make a table identifying observations comparative to each SWOT element both for your business site and competitor’s sites. Don’t forget to note on your table Internet related activities like search engine inclusion, trade organization participation, and the outside links to your site. This table will help you to recognize your company’s strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats. Online marketing strategy opportunities occur as a result of the changing business environment.

As soon as you develop your online marketing strategies, you may be able to fulfill a marketing plan that takes into account the overall business environment.

Janine Cruzet, Freelance Web Content Article Writer for three years discovered that Online Marketing can open many doors to success. The skills of creating good content articles are just one of her tools to share how online marketing works and how it can lead you to success.

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PPC Marketing – A Great Method of Advertising!

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

PPC Marketing – A Great Method of Advertising!

PPC marketing or pay per click marketing is the most popular method of advertisement employed by various websites on the Internet. PPC marketing may often be referred to as pay for position, cost per click or pay for performance. But regardless of the term used, PPC marketing is the online advertiser’s medium of choice for promoting products and services to online consumers.

PPC marketing is beneficial to both the advertiser and the consumer. Advertisers using PPC marketing only need to pay for the actual click throughs linked to their sites from search engines. At the same time as consumers are relieved of having to get annoying emails or pop-up ads for products and services.

When an online consumer searches for a specific product or service on the Internet, corresponding PPC marketing ads are also displayed alongside the results generated by the search engine. This forms a highly targeted consumer group that is more likely to purchase a specific product or service. In addition, websites get to limit their advertisement costs with the use of PPC marketing. PPC marketing is truly a winning solution for both parties.

Possible drawbacks of PPC marketing

Despite the obvious advantages of PPC marketing, there are possible drawbacks that can cancel out its benefits. One of the most common problems associated with PPC marketing is the inexperience of many people attempting to use this profitable advertisement method. Simply submitting PPC marketing ads to a search engine such as google, does not make up the entire campaign.

PPC marketing requires a calculated and systematic approach to setting up ads. PPC marketing involves the use of keywords and biddings in order to get top placement on a search engine. Getting top search engine placement helps boost traffic to a website that can easily translate into profit.

Without the necessary experience and knowledge to carry out a typical PPC marketing ad, may turn into an expensive campaign that does not convert into profit. PPC marketing ads also require continuous funding, as discontinued payments will also result in discontinued ads. This can be unfavorable for a website that has already built high rankings with their PPC marketing ads.

Bidding on keywords can also be quite costly, as the growing number of websites on the web struggle against each other to bid on the most popular keyword for their PPC marketing ad. Obviously small business websites are at a disadvantage here since big business websites are able to pay more for popular keywords related to their site. This is because most small businesses only set aside a small portion of their capital for advertisement, putting them at a disadvantage.

Running an effective PPC marketing campaign

There are a number of things that a website should consider when running an effective PPC marketing campaign. It is important to develop a marketing plan in order to get the most return on investment from PPC marketing. Selecting the most appropriate keywords that relate to the site’s business is essential in PPC marketing.

However, simply choosing the most popular keywords does not necessarily translate into profit. Selecting more specific keywords that will put a site within the first ten results of a search also gets greater awareness from online consumers. In addition, it doesn’t cost as much as getting the top spot for PPC marketing.

It is also important that a website constantly monitors the performance of their PPC marketing campaign. This will help the site modify any existing PPC marketing ad to make it more productive. At the same time any PPC marketing ad that has not proven effective can be immediately discontinued. Altering PPC marketing ads is a continuous process that many websites do in order to increase their return on investment.

Getting professional help with PPC marketing

The popularity of PPC marketing has given rise to professionals offering PPC marketing services for small and big businesses. Hiring a professional PPC marketing company is advisable for a small business without experience in PPC marketing. Most PPC marketing companies offer reasonable rates for their services and at the same time produce acceptable results.

A PPC marketing professional can attend to all the details commonly involved in a PPC marketing campaign. Handling a PPC marketing campaign is a time consuming process that can be overwhelming for a small business. A PPC marketing professional can help set up a PPC marketing campaign and later on train someone from within the business to handle it to ensure its continued success.

Want to join in the social media revolution but don’t know where to start?

Social Media 101 – Creating Conversations In Social Circles

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Free Internet Advertising – Unwritten Rules of Internet Forums

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Free Internet Advertising – Unwritten Rules of Internet Forums

Copyright 2005 Elaine Currie

Free Internet advertising is sought after by most Internet
marketers and one readily available source of free Internet
advertising is the Internet forum. For Internet marketing
novices, I’ll briefly explain how free Internet advertising is
obtained from Internet forums.

Basically, Internet forums are message boards where members can
exchange information, obtain advice or just chat. There are
Internet forums to cater for every topic you would care to
imagine (and a few you would probably prefer not to dwell on).
The Internet marketer advertises his product simply by posting
messages on the forums. There are some Internet forums that
forbid the posting of advertisements but, on many of these
forums, it is still possible to obtain free Internet advertising
by use of a signature file. The signature file is a short piece
of text which can contain a link to a website and which can be
annexed to every posting a member makes on a forum message

If you have never tried forums as a source of free Internet
advertising, you should bear in mind that there is an unwritten
code of etiquette which need to be observed. The following are
some of the unwritten rules which need to be followed if you
intend to use forums for free Internet advertising for your

Read the Forum Rules

You need to read the rules of any Internet forum before you try
to post a message there. I know this sounds obvious but it is
clear that many forum users don’t bother to read the rules,
despite the fact that the forum registration process inevitably
includes a requirement for the applicant to check a box
indicating that the forum rules have been read and will be
adhered to. Don’t just sign up with the idea of getting as much
free Internet advertising as possible from the forum. Many
forums prohibit the posting of affiliate urls anywhere apart
from in the members’ forum signature file. If you become a
member of one of these forums without reading the rules and
start posting your affiliate urls in messages, you will quickly
find yourself labelled a “spammer”. In case you didn’t know,
spammers are considered to be the lowest of the low on the
Internet. If there was a virtual prison for Internet crime,
Internet advertising spammers would have to be kept in solitary
confinement for their own protection.

Lurk Before You Leap

Internet forum etiquette demands that you spend a little time
“lurking” ie logging in at the forum and reading previous and
current threads before you even think of starting to use the
forum for free Internet advertising. Although lurking is not an
official rule of Internet forums, it is largely accepted as an
essential part of the unwritten code of behaviour. The practice
is very useful. Lurking will enable you to get the feel of how a
forum works, you will be able to ascertain the tone of the
messages, the type of subject matter which is welcomed and the
level of expertise of other forum members. You might even find
that a particular forum is not for you and this could save you
the embarrassment of posting an inappropriate message on the

Be Subtle

You know that you are visiting the forum merely for the free
Internet advertising for your website but it is better not to
make this obvious if you want other members to react well to
your advertising. Forums are rather like private clubs where
members strike up friendships and make business deals. If you
rush in waving your “FREE INTERNET ADVERTISING” placard you will
not become popular, other members will consider you to be an
abuser of their “club”. You will do much better if you quietly
introduce yourself and keep the free Internet advertising down
to a whisper in your signature file.

Remember Your Manners

How hard is it to say “thank you”? If you visit a forum and
receive valuable advice which helps you in some way, take a
moment to post a brief message of thanks to your advisor. If
someone helped you out of a spot in the bricks and mortar world
you would thank them. Remember that people who post on Internet
forums are real too and they are under no obligation to help
you. It is as easy to make a friend with a warm word as it is to
create an enemy with a harsh word and you never know when you
might meet these people again.

Help Whenever You Can

Help other people whenever you can. Even if you don’t have any
specialist knowledge, you will find occasions when you can pass
on good advice. If you received advice that took you to a
solution, post a message to say how the advice helped and what
steps you followed to sort things out, this will act as a
signpost for other people who might find themselves in similar
difficulties. Even though you joined the forum with the idea of
using it merely as a form of free Internet advertising, make
time to give something back. People will be more inclined to
take an interest in your advertising if you become known as a
helpful type. What goes around comes around and, in any event,
the reputation of being a problem-solver is a bit of free
Internet advertising in its own right.

Be Moderate

The majority of Internet forums have moderators to ensure that
members stick to the rules. The job of a forum moderator is to
keep the content of the forum appropriate. Remember, it is not
just a place where you can indulge in free Internet advertising,
so keep your messages within the forum rules. Any graffiti
posted by members will be cleaned up by the moderators so that
the forum environment is preserved for all members to enjoy. If
you wish to retain the respect of your fellow forum members,
make sure your posts never need to be cleaned up, be your own
moderator. As well as sticking to the forum rules on content,
you should also keep your messages moderate in tone. The
Chambers dictionary includes the following definitions of
“moderate”: kept within measure or bounds; not excessive or
extreme; temperate. If you avoid drama and pathos in your forum
posting and keep your messages moderate, you will not attract
“flamers” and you can quietly enjoy your free Internet

Ration Your Reading

Internet forums can be addictive. There is a serious danger that
you might log in to a forum with the idea of posting a message
or two in order to get your daily ration of free Internet
advertising but, the next thing you know is that half an hour
has passed by while you have been engrossed in reading. There is
nothing inherently wrong with spending time reading posts made
by other forum members, it’s free entertainment and that’s fine.
The problem is that, if you are trying to run an Internet
marketing business and you lose yourself on forums for half an
hour every day, you will be wasting something like half a day
during the course of each week for the sake of posting a couple
of links back to your website. That is not an economical use of
your time. In fact, if you account for the value of your time,
you will find you are actually paying a high price for your free
Internet advertising on forums.

Elaine Currie has a Work From Home Directory and Survey Review at her Plug In Profit Site: for people who want to make money at home.

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Plan The Right Internet Advertising Campaign

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Plan The Right Internet Advertising Campaign

Plan the right internet advertising campaign with a internet marketing agency. Professional Internet advertising agency with marketing solutions for your website. Our internet marketing agency employs successful strategies and solutions to create a strong internet advertising presence. So check out Mamma’s Internet marketing solutions, including pay-per-click advertising, graphic ad network, xml search feeds and the branded search box. An internet marketing company will be aware that advertising your banner across search engines is mainly for branding purposes for you company. You will be restricted initially to using all forms of online advertising when carrying out your internet marketing promotion.

Computer skills are vital because marketing, product promotion, and advertising on the Internet are increasingly common. The effectiveness of Internet marketing, advertising, and promotion can be enhanced by the use of rich media. We specialize in internet marketing strategy, online advertising, web marketing and conversion. It focuses primarily on electronic commerce and Internet advertising, includes corporate profiles and book reviews, and is aimed at professional Web marketing personnel. These are just a few of the Internet advertising agencies that a web marketing newbie could turn to. Of all the internet marketing resources available today, banner advertising most closely resembles traditional print marketing campaigns (non-internet). Banner advertising has long been a major media resource for internet marketing campaigns.

Effective internet marketing and advertising techniques include concept development, design, copywriting and media selection. This will prove extremely costly on your advertising budget and a waste of time carrying out your internet marketing strategy. We are an internet advertising company that can plan the right marketing strategy for your company’s unique requirements. The advertising and Internet marketing affiliate company takes care of everything and you can focus on building more traffic to your website. There are numerous affiliate advertising and Internet marketing affiliate programs to join. Also some easy tips on website design, internet advertising and marketing. This form of internet marketing could result in a large investment for your advertising budget in the long term. A recommendation when doing your internet marketing with cost per click would have to be advertising with Adwords on Google.

Focusing on the latest trends in contextual advertising, pay per click, internet marketing tools, niche marketing, and strategies for generating passive income. In particular, employers will seek those who have the computer skills to conduct advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales activities on the Internet. When it comes to internet marketing advertising, having the technology isn’t enough. Producing successful internet marketing advertising combines best in class technology and a team of second to none internet marketing advertising professionals. I have detailed below the most cost effective forms of internet marketing to advertising your business using your company website. Bulk email marketing is currently the most cost-effective online advertising method available to Internet businesses and organizations.

Internet Marketing, advertising, and promotions can serve as separate, mutually supporting elements of an integrated, targeted email campaign. Our internet marketing advertising skills have been proven since that time we’ve proven our internet marketing advertising skills. Through my experience in dealing with internet marketing I have outlined below a few tips for the inexperienced of advertising your business online. The Guidelines set standards of ethical conduct to be observed by all involved with advertising and marketing activities on the Internet. All the while monitoring your internet marketing and advertising campaigns and generating reports while building and providing PR support.

I have kept the layout as simple as possible so new businesses advertising their business online can grasp the ultimate internet marketing solution. To obtain a no obligation Internet marketing evaluation and online advertising consultation plus in-depth planning assessments, contact the global solution leader today. Our internet advertising consultant firm employs successful internet marketing strategies and advertising solutions to create a strong online presence. You will need to develop personal relationships with account managers within the internet marketing company you choose to do your advertising with. Our internet marketing advertising will attract people to your site, encourage them to interact, and ensure repeat business. Video delivers an emotional impact in Internet marketing, advertising, and promotional messages that rivals or exceeds that of television and radio broadcasting.

Online advertising services and internet marketing strategies also. If you can find an internet marketing company that allows pay on performance packages when advertising online, you are on the right track. There is currently no international unanimity as to whether country of origin or country of destination applies to advertising and marketing on the Internet. Dynamic Digital Advertising knows what it takes to convert searchers into visitors and then into your loyal customers with Internet marketing that works.

If you can find an internet marketing company that allows pay on performance packages when advertising online, you are on the right track. You will need to develop personal relationships with account managers within the internet marketing company you choose to do your advertising with. An internet marketing company will be aware that advertising your banner across search engines is mainly for branding purposes for you company. I have detailed below the most cost effective forms of internet marketing to advertising your business using your company website. We are an internet advertising company that can plan the right marketing strategy for your company’s unique requirements. The advertising and Internet marketing affiliate company takes care of everything and you can focus on building more traffic to your website.

Valipat Muenpan is The Webmaster Of The Plan The Right Internet Advertising Campaign – Quickly and Easily!

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Making Money With Internet Advertising – How to Learn Internet Marketing & Start Making Money the Easy Stress Free Way

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Making Money With Internet Advertising – How to Learn Internet Marketing & Start Making Money the Easy Stress Free Way

Making Money With Internet Advertising

People look to become internet marketers for all sorts of reasons; make more money, get away from the grind of the 9 to 5 job, have more choice in life, etc. The beauty of internet marketing is that it can be the answer to all the above and more and in this article I will explain how you should go about getting your piece of the pie even though it can appear daunting and confusing at first.

The first think to appreciate is there aren’t any get rich quick schemes out there, lots of promises of easy fortunes are really just a marketing ploy to get you to buy internet marketing courses and tools. Internet marketing takes time and effort but don’t let that put you off as money can be made – and lots of it by people who simply just plug away at it. Another great thing about marketing on the internet is that you can go at your own speed so is great if you can work full time at it or only able to grab a few hours after work or at a weekend.

To start with there are numerous ways of making money online via websites for example Pay Per Click advertising, Pay Per View Advertising, Drop shipping, natural Search Engine Optimization etc. The bottom line is people can make a fortune by just concentrating on one small area and specializing in it. It is better though to gain an overview by working your way through a complete course (see later) which shows you step by step what to do so you are not left trying to fit all the pieces together yourself and making a whole heap of unnecessary mistakes. That said, there is yet one more crucial thing you need to be successful. Making Money With Internet Advertising

What else do you need? Well, simply put SUPPORT! There is no way you can get to grips with internet marketing without running into challenges from time to time and having a help desk to contact, having a busy buzzing forum to ask questions of and learn from can be crucial to success or at least to get you to making money as soon as possible. Now who is credible to learn from and what might courses cost?

Well you may be surprised to read that some internet marketing teachers gift a complete internet marketing course away for free! Why? Well they hope that if you see an example of their internet marketing training and see the quality, then when you need to study certain areas in more depth or need certain tools to make your marketing easier then they hope you will buy what you need from them. It is simply a way of building credibility.

The final thing to appreciate is without action there is no success. Procrastination is to be avoided. Don’t worry about the seemingly huge amount of information you have to learn, simply one guided step at a time with support and you will never look back. Making Money With Internet Advertising

Always dream of having Financial Freedom but having no clue?

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The Top 10 Reasons Your Online Marketing Fails

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

The Top 10 Reasons Your Online Marketing Fails

If you are in the field of online business you must have heard of online marketing. Internet marketing, online marketing, e-marketing and web marketing are just the same terms to describe the use of the internet in marketing and promoting your products, services or business. In recent years, online marketing has provided global consumers a higher distribution of information. With today’s increased competition, you must possess the skills and capabilities to attain success. Every success story entails hardships, ups and down, but it’s up to you to learn how to avoid the pitfalls with online marketing. That’s why we are going to discuss the top ten reasons online marketing fails.

Reason #1: The lack of effort and time needed to learn new information about online marketing.

To reach the success you are aspiring to obtain, you must spend adequate efforts and time learning what can lead you to it. Get as much as new online marketing information you can and take time to study them before you use of them for your company’s growth. The more knowledge and experience you can possess, the quicker you will reach your goals. Often the best online marketing techniques will come to you suddenly, but evolves out of all the information you might know. Do not let your business be deserted by others, make it stand out by utilizing new online marketing strategies. Wide varieties of new information are available throughout the web; just encode an online marketing in Google and you will find what you are looking for. Never stop craving for more and new information, techniques, or techniques about online marketing for you will never grow personally or financially if you are not learning something new.

Reason #2: Similarity with other online business websites.

To increase customer’s interest, your website must be different from other online business web pages. Visitors get easily bored if they browse and always see the same products, content, and pictures. In order for your online marketing to be successful, you should make your website distinguished from your other competitors. Always make use of unique online marketing ideas when creating your web pages, for it will matter a tremendous amount when trying to attract more potential customers.

Reason #3: Your website is confusing and inconvenient for visitors.

One of the reasons for using online marketing is to promote your products or services to your target audience on the internet. Having too many products, pictures, links, etc. in your web pages can cause confusion and a confused mind will take no action; thereby leaving you without the number of customers that you could and should attract with your online marketing efforts. Try to be simple and focus on a particular product or service with your website. Making sure your other products are in the background of the main product or service you would like to promote. A long navigation system will make people get tired of finding what they want and can cause them to prefer other convenient sites.

Reason #4: Your website is just a sales presentation.

Increasing your sales may result from online marketing, but you must not totally focus on sales alone. Online marketing will benefit you if you provide useful information about your business within your website and attract more potential and actual customers to purchase your products.or services. Most of the time sales do not arise from the first visit, so make use of your online marketing techniques such as providing free information, tips or newsletters to give visitors a reason to come back to visit your website.

Reason #5: Failure to set specific demographic targets.

With online marketing, setting a specific demographic target is very important because you will be more focused on what type of customers you want and what you must do to attract them. Failure to settle the target will increase the risk of failure when promoting your products, services or business; moreover you will not gain the full benefits of online marketing when it comes to increasing your sales and growing your business.

Reason #6: Unsecured ordering pages.

Security for any type of investment matters for almost everybody. Unsecured ordering pages will greatly cause your business to lose sales which contradicts the goals of effective online marketing. Numerous free secure ordering forms are made available on the internet, so this should never be an issue.

Reason #7: A lack of back links to your website as a useful strategy in effective online marketing.

Providing links leading back to your website from a high ranking web page will also give your site a high rank. Linking is the key to success in having your website found on the major search engines and will bring traffic to your website; therefore, increasing you number of potential and actual customers.

Reason #8: Lack of perseverance.

Most businesses fail online due to lack of persistence and giving up too soon. Online marketing will take a lot of time to fully succeed. It could even entail years to become a major player and to develop strong customer relationships, build partnerships and see financial rewards.

Reason #9: Insufficient follow-up.

Within any business following up with a prospect or customer is very important because it will provide you with more of the same types of results that your business desperately needs to grow. Online marketing often fails because many companies fall short in following up with its online visitors; thereby, stunting the growth of brand awareness.

Reason #10: No promoting your website.

Increasing the consumer awareness of your online business can leverage your success. Several online marketing elements and strategies can be used to promote your website, increase traffic and attract more customers. If you lack the funds to pay for promotions, you can use many free ways of advertising your business awareness online such as participating in forums, chats and submitting free links to search engines.

You will need all the help you can to survive in this competitive marketplace, so make use of the online resources you have to gain greater success with online marketing and learn from these failures. Prepare yourself properly and get ready to do what you must due because the success of your business online is in direct proportion to your knowledge gained from other’s mistakes.

Dr. Keith Webb, of Assassin Marketing, a Dallas marketing company which created the Online Domination System, an online marketing system which allows businesses to dominate the front page of the search engines. Visit or contact us at 866-998-8641

Article from Take a look at my AdSense earnings for 2007. I’ll share with you my Google adsense tax reporting documents for 2007 so you can see what is possible for making money with online marketing. Go sign up on my site and I’ll help you with marketing your business and its free! http

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Making Money From Internet Advertising – How to Make Money Online By Providing Advertising

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Making Money From Internet Advertising – How to Make Money Online By Providing Advertising

Making Money From Internet Advertising

There are a wide variety of advertising vehicles online. Each of these advertising vehicles has a product that works better in some industries and with some products that others.

The bottom line to selling advertising online and making money doing so is by connecting buyers of advertising with sellers of advertising.

Basically what that means is that there are a large number of individuals and companies online who want to advertise, and there are a large number of individuals or companies on the web who are willing to provide advertising space. However, the market is very large, and it is inefficient for the advertisers and the providers of space to individually meet and negotiate contracts.

So the individual or firm wishing to advertise will generally contact an advertising firm which has many contacts with companies willing to provide the advertising venue, and place advertising with many of the venues at the same time.

So to start an advertising business online, you first need to gather a collection of firms or web sites that are willing to show adverting on their web sites. These web sites are preferably high-traffic web sites, with a considerable amount of monthly traffic, or visitors. Making Money From Internet Advertising

Once you have collected the initial “stable” of advertising venues, you can begin to solicit advertising clients. These advertisers will pay a price for the advertising which is commensurate with their exposure of advertising.

So, for example, if you have contracted with 10 web sites that each receive 100,000 visitors per month, you can sell up to 1,000,000 exposures of advertising per month to each advertiser. If you have negotiated 10 advertising ‘spots’ on each of the websites, then you can sell up to the equivalent of 10 advertising customers 1,000,000 exposures per month. For example, if one advertiser only buys 500,000 exposures, you can sell the additional 500,000 exposures for a total of 11 advertisers.

You will have a pricing structure that creates a spread between the amount you charge the advertiser for the exposures, and the price you have agreed to pay the high-traffic sites for showing the advertising. Making Money From Internet Advertising

Always dream of having Financial Freedom but having no clue?

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Online Marketing, Local Search and Mobile Search to Drive Six-Fold Increase in Internet Traffic

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Online Marketing, Local Search and Mobile Search to Drive Six-Fold Increase in Internet Traffic

Recent survey numbers highlight how Internet traffic is growing exponentially and is poised for a 600% increase by 2012. The huge increase in Internet traffic comes at a time when the convergence of mobile search technologies and local search capabilities will drive the growth of online marketing, local search and mobile search to similar heights – while driving foot traffic to businesses large and small that have a “digital footprint” in today’s surging digital economy.

Staggering numbers from worldwide networking leader Cisco Systems predict a six-fold increase in global traffic on the Internet, highlighting the increasingly important role online marketing and internet advertising will play for businesses large and small as consumers increasingly move online to do both shopping and “Windows shopping”. Cisco released its Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecast for 2007-2012 on June 16th, which predicts that we will see a 600% increase in Internet traffic by 2012. Cisco’s VNI projections predicts that Internet traffic will double roughly every two years as a result of “a combined annual growth rate of 46 p[er cent form 2007 to 2012.

The key component in this surge of Internet traffic will be video streaming. Cisco predicts that by 2012, “video traffic alone will be 400 times the traffic carried over the U.S. portion of the Internet in 2000. Increasingly, marketing agencies and advertisers are moving off traditional media and moving online to exploit the consumer movement to the Internet. Significantly, much of this consumer movement online will result from the increasing tendency of consumers to access the Internet from handheld mobile devices – a trend that will only increase as RIM, Nokia and other cellular phone and mobile device manufacturers move to keep pace with Apple that just recently released its next-generation 3G iPhone.

Cisco is predicting that mobile data will roughly double each year from 2008 to 2012, highlighting the importance that mobile search will play in an emerging digital economy. Jupiter Research, a leader in online research analysis, has projected that annual revenue from mobile search revenues are expected to hit $US4.8 billion dollars annually by 2013.

As technologies converge, the driver behind these anticipated huge jumps in online advertising and mobile search numbers is – not surprisingly for those who have been tracking the emerging technologies of Web 2.0 – local search. Jupiter predicts that in the emerging digital economy, local search will be the most popular service amongst all advertisers and will attract 40% of all mobile search ad spending between 2008 and 2013.

The convergence of technologies that is fostering the growth in mobile search, and particularly local search, was illustrated by Google CEO, Eric Schmidt. Sitting down for a much-publicized interview with CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo earlier this spring, the head of the search engine giant touted how improvements in mobile search capabilities on advanced mobile handhelds (such as the BlackBerry or Apple’s iPhone) combined with advances in Google Maps and Google’s local search capabilities are making real time, and precise geopraphic local search a reality.

”(W)henever I fly somewhere,” Schmidt told CNBC, “I open up … my iPhone or my BlackBerry, and, boom, there’s everything in my world as I’ve landed in a country I’ve never been in. It’s a remarkable achievement.” Schmidt notes that Google has been tracking the huge increase in use of Google Maps local search technology. “(T)here’s been a huge increase in maps, Google Maps, hugely successful,” Dr. Schmidt reports. “(W)hen I want to go to the equivalent of a Starbucks, I just type “Starbucks,” it says it’s over there. For me, that’s just a huge–a huge improvement. And that service is available almost everywhere in the world.”

What is common practice for Google’s high-flying and technologically enriched CEO is increasingly becoming commonplace for the digital consumer on the street. The predicted growth in internet traffic, together with the radical shift of advertising dollars to online marketing and the growing tendency of Internet-savvy consumers to take up mobile search, clearly forecast where commerce and e-commerce is headed. While there may still be local niche markets that depend on foot traffic to drive their business, increasingly it is a company’s digital footprint that drives customer traffic to its online site or storefront. And the vehicle driving that electronic traffic is mobile search. As online traffic balloons between now and 2012, the importance on local search, mobile search and online marketing will also balloon.

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Perth Online Marketing

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Perth Online Marketing

Easy ways to get a solid flow of targeted traffic to your website

Here are 30 Website Promotion Secrets from Perth Online Marketing to getting all the online website traffic you can handle…

Your Domain & Company & Product Names
Time since site going live. Tip: Buy a domain name from a site which has been live a long time.
Title of your web page
Description Meta tag Keywords
Site map for online marketing
Keywords Meta Tags
Rewrite dirty URLS
Keyword Weighting
Header tag for online marketing
Keyword Variants eg marketing, marketer, markets, marketed
Keyword Prominence
Alternative Image Text for online marketing
Correct Submission Protocols
Color Of Text On Page for online marketing
Web Hosting Reliability
Site Popularity fix with: Link Exchange Program
Pages linking to yours have a high position ranking & if the total number of links on that page is low.
Keywords In hyperlinks for online marketing
Keywords In Hypertext on your page
Keywords In Hypertext in other sites with links to you.
Doorway Pages for online marketing
Gateway Pages for Perth online marketing
If your web hosting service provider has been put into the “Black Hole of CyberSpace” by an agency such as
Cyber Cops because maybe they hosted for example a spammer.
Refresh Metatag for Perth online marketing
Keyword Proximity
Relevant keywords on other pages in your web
Relevant keywords on other pages in webs with links to yours.
Directory categorisation of your site.
Length and case of file names.
Effective Copywriting for online marketing in Perth

Do you understand even half of these website promotion factors? And more than that, do you know strategies to effectively use each of these website promotion factors to generate a steady stream of visitors to your website?  Odds are that unless you are a seasoned online marketing expert you don’t know how they work… Lets face it why should you? That’s not your job & that’s where we come in:

The people who spent thousands of hours learning this stuff about online marketing
Researching website promotion strategies via search engines to find out what works & what’s ‘Hype’
Studying website promotion & online marketing techniques keeping up-to-date with all the latest requirements of the major search engines
Reading…EVERYTHING we could get our hands on about website promotion to make 100% certain we know our website promotion stuff

Now we want to make those ‘Insider website Promotion & Online Marketing Secrets’ available to you…We want you to be able to benefit from the same simple no-nonsense, down-to-earth website promotion & online marketing approach that can drive more traffic through your website than you dreamed possible. See our website for more details

Perth Online Marketing understands that in today’s complex business environment, achieving a competitive edge and securing your position as your industry’s leader through online marketing is essential. As a credible website partner, Perth Online Marketing incorporates the best website design, website development and SEO techniques to help take your business to the next level. Our digital marketing experts will implement a powerful online marketing strategy including web design, SEO, eCommerce and email marketing techniques to ensure a professional customised solution. See for more details


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Internet Advertising And Marketing – Small Business Internet Advertising

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Internet Advertising And Marketing – Small Business Internet Advertising

Internet Advertising And Marketing

Small business internet advertising can usually be done cheap and have the most effective value. This is because millions around the world can end up seeing your business in turn making you a few extra potential customers. This is one of the greatest ways to go around advertising for your small business. If you have the power of the internet and the technique to advertise efficiently, this may be a great step for you to take.

In order for you to be able to start your small business internet advertising, you should start off with a website. Creating your won business website will cause traffic to your store to flourish unlike ever before. There is a cost effective way of doing this as well. Maybe starting a Facebook or Twitter and asking local people to be your friends will start your business off with a boom? This is done very often and great results are seen this way.

Another good way for your small business internet advertisement to take off would be to use an internet news letter. This will give everybody who signs up for the newsletter an advantage to your company. Though, if someone is just messing around you could end up in the spam box which is never a good thing. These methods can be free of cost while making you profit. Whats better than making profit from a free cause? Not to much at all is the answer. Internet Advertising And Marketing

If you do end up starting a website for your business this can be very beneficial as well. Anybody can check out the items you have to offer and can check prices right then and there. If you want to run an online store this can also help your business get the booming start that it deserves. When making your website be sure the usability is up, if you’re advertising arthritis pill many of the people looking at these items are not use to the whole idea of the internet. This is why your website must be as easy to navigate through as possible.

Small business internet advertisement can be the bees knees to the future you deserve. You must just take advantage of every chance your given to advertise. If now is the time to get your business up and running for the biggest profit margin, free advertisement can be your best friend. Prospering in your business is required to get the full benefits your business and you can take advantage of. Internet Advertising And Marketing

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